Agile & Beyond 2019


I was privileged to present two talks at the recent Agile & Beyond 2019 conference in Detroit, MI. I had never been to A&B before, but there was something about it that had that sense of excitement and learning that I haven't felt at other conferences in recent years. Or maybe it just seemed that way because I was more anxious than usual about my presentations.

For those of you who attended my Ted Talks (I keep forgetting that I'm allowed to say that!), you can find the PDFs of the slides below. I am always happy to answer any questions about the content, or perhaps you want to bring me in to discuss them with your team or organization as a coach, trainer, or learning architect? Don't hesitate to contact me (info is in the presentation). I also have a Discord (chat server) that you're welcome to join if you want some more group-oriented discussion, just follow this link:

Human Learning

The PDF for the Human Learning talk is here.

Modularize Your Code with Hexagonal Architecture

The PDF from the Modulaize Your Code talk is here.


Ted M. Young

Ted M. Young

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