New Blog: 2018

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In which I talk about the final consolidation of my many, many blogs.

New Blog, Who Dis?

I have probably half-a-dozen blogs spread around different sites and content engines (WordPress, even a Tumblr). Some are gone forever because the hosting service is gone, though I think I have most of the interesting content (or got it through the Wayback Machine). Others I had to shut down because they were very old sites and became difficult (and time-consuming) to keep updated. However, the shutdown meant that one of my main “entry points” to my blogs was now offline. So, the hunt for a new blogging engine, as well as a site for my company (Spiral Learning), was begun.

I’ll spare the details for now, because I have other posts I want to write, but I’ll have more to write on the search, and the developer/writer (or lack thereof) experience involved.

Until then, welcome to my new shiny blog!