Twitch-Pairing with Amitai Schleier on Kid Money Manager


This past Friday (March 29, 2019) I had the pleasure of pairing remotely with Amitai Schleier: a Twitter-friend (@schmonz), software developer & coach, and fellow TDD-er. It was my first time doing any real remote pairing, let alone doing it live and in front of a whole bunch of new viewers! I'm thankful that the videoconferencing gods blessed me with a fully working setup (which I have a separate blog post detailing the technical stuff) where the video, audio, and streaming all just worked.

While we agreed that I probably spent too much time providing information up-front (rather than having Amitai "pull" the info as he needed), and that we slightly slipped down the rat hole of RegEx, the time flew by and it was really energizing for me. While we didn't finish the feature (a UI to manage the User Profiles) during our limited 90 minute timebox, we got far enough along that it only took me another hour to complete it. All done with TDD (or ATDD for the integration-level test).

While I've generally stopped editing my live coding episodes as it's very time-consuming (I'll start doing it again when my Patreon members start asking for it -- so good reason for you to become a member!), I did some slight editing of the pairing we did and uploaded it to YouTube. Amitai also blogged about it.

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