Ted M. Young
Ted M. Young

Ted M. Young (17)

Java trainer, coding coach, and expert in designing learning experiences for developers. Contact me at: ted@tedmyoung.com

Remote Pair Programming on Twitch with Zoom

Not long ago, I had the opportunity for Amitai Schleier to remotely pair program with me on my Twitch Live Coding stream. Since I'm on a Mac, getting this set up to work wasn't trivial, but once I figured it out, it wasn't that complicated either, so I hope this helps others do more live coding with remote pair-programming.

Twitch-Pairing with Amitai Schleier on Kid Money Manager

This past Friday (March 29, 2019) I had the pleasure of pairing remotely with Amitai Schleier: a Twitter-friend (@schmonz), software developer & coach, and fellow TDD-er. It was my first time doing any real remote pairing, let alone doing it live and in front of a whole bunch of…

Kid-Bank: The Money Tracker for Kids

In case you haven't been following me on Twitter (where I'm @jitterted), I recently started "livecoding", where I do my coding work in front of everyone, live streaming my screen (and face) through Twitch (where I'm also jitterted -- gotta stay on-brand). Here's a snapshot…